Mia B. Adams

Mia B. Adams is a visual artist, using sculpture, installation, photography, and video to discuss and confront the social and political implications of being simultaneously Black, Latina, and Woman.

I appreciate Adams' work because it is rich in not only empathy, but execution. In her works, Remember, Remember Vol. 2, and Fallen Pins of America, she visually represents those who lost their lives to police brutality by drawing in the viewer with household items onto a wall. Fallen Pins of America stands out with its red yarn that seems to drip down a map of the United States of America. She places a pin where the murder happened and lets the yarn sink past that site onto the floor, and throughout the installation space, pooling at the viewer's feet.

Adams' work doesn't draw me to anger, but to a comfortable and visual sadness, reminding us what we lose when the system takes our Bodies.

Mia B. Adams was born in Phoenix, AZ, but is currently based in Tempe, AZ. You can find her website here and follow her on Instagram for more of her work.

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